Body construction



Solid Body term is often used ambiguously. First, generally represenst every electric guitar without normal soundbox. Second, precisely defines the type of construction of the electric guitars’ body. We’re going to focus on the second one, so: Solid Body is the body with non-weight relief holes. Gibson applied this type of construction in:

  • 1952-1983 Les Pauls
  • custom shop Historic Reissue Series Les Pauls
    *( except Chambered Reissue )
  • some limited custom shop Les Pauls
  • most Les Paul Traditional models between 2013-2015

Traditional Weight Relief

Traditional Weight Relief system replaced Solid Body around 1983. It was a transitional period and there is no exact date when this happened. Traditional Weight Relief was used until autumn of 2006. In this period, besides a custom shop Historic Reissue series and some occasional custom shop models, Solid Body Les Pauls were not produced. Gibson applied Traditional Weight Relief construction in all regular:

  • 1983-today Les Paul Customs ( including LPCs from Custom Shop )
  • 1983-autumn 2006 Les Paul Standards, Classics and Studios
  • Les Paul Traditional models ( except most of 2013-2015 models )

Gibson resumed to apply Traditional Weight Relief system in regular production in spring of 2012, and this process countinues until today.

  • spring 2012 – today Les Pauls

Chambered Weight Relief

Gibson introduced Chambering for regular production in autumn of 2006. The process came up for all Gibson Les Pauls from USA line and continues until spring 2012. Gibson applied Chambered Weight Relief construction in all:

  • autumn 2006 – spring 2012 Les Pauls ( Standards, Classics, Studios, ect )

The only exception were LP Traditional models ( in this period they had Traditional Weight Relief body ).

It is worth to knowing, that some models are always Chambered ( e.g Elegant, Supreme ).

Modern Weight Relief

Modern Weight Relief is a mix of Chambering with Traditional Weight Relief system. It was first applied in spring 2012 and continued to be manufactured in many Les Paul models until now.

  • spring 2012 – today Les Pauls


On the when we don’t have confirmed data for body construction, we used the UNKNOWN symbol.